What-if analysis: Scenario planning for uncertain times

If your business is facing uncertainty, whether it be growth or decline, considering various scenarios, or 'what-ifs', can be crucial for survival. Here's how we approach it for ourselves and our clients here at Greenhawk.

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Three alternative strategies to combat inflation

Inflation is rising, the labour market is tight, and businesses across the country are feeling the pinch. Here are three strategies aside from raising prices that you might consider to combat rising costs in your business.

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Celebrating what’s possible for small businesses

We work with clever business owners across Aotearoa, in companies of all sizes, stages and flavours. And while every business has its own goals and “secret sauce” for success, here are three client stories that show what’s possible for us all.

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Action planning for a strong financial year

The ultimate benefit of the budgeting process is that it puts you in control. It’s like turning your headlights on full beam – the obstacles in front of you are illuminated and you can navigate your way around them. Here's Part Two: Building your Action Plan.

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Budgeting: Building certainty and confidence into your business

With your Annual Plan sorted, what's next for the ambitious business owner? Building your Budget and Action Plan. This edition of THRIVE will focus on Part One: Building your Budget. We’ll follow up in a fortnight with Part Two: Building your Action Plan.

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Business planning: The secret sauce for business success

It’s all too easy to get lost working in your business and lose sight of the big picture. Businesses that thrive know where they’re going and how they’re going to get there. If you'd like a process to follow, here’s how we roll at Greenhawk.

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Free Carbon Footprint calculation

Not only is the Greenhawk team here to help your business thrive, we want our living planet to thrive too! We’re offering our new Carbon Footprint Calculation free to Greenhawk compliance clients, for a limited time.

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Planning for a strong final quarter

With much of the country frolicking in the sun, January and February are traditionally light revenue months for many businesses . But is low performance over this period a foregone conclusion?

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