Taking climate action, today.

We provide carbon accounting services for small and medium-sized businesses looking to take climate action. It’s all about getting started – what we measure, we can manage! We’ll help you calculate and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Want to get started but not sure how? We’re all about accelerating New Zealand businesses towards carbon neutrality, so each of our Annual Accounts plans comes with a complimentary Business Carbon Footprint Workshop. Contact us to get on board today.

Carbon Accounting services:

Carbon Footprint Estimation

Our Carbon Footprint Estimation is an accessible first step in your carbon reduction journey. After all, the hardest part is getting started!

  • First up, we’ll explain the what, why and how of carbon footprinting in an interactive workshop, connecting the dots between the global, national and business-level context and explaining how it all applies to you.
  • Next, you’ll head away and collect your ‘activity data’, which we’ll use to calculate your footprint and prepare your report.
  • Finally, we’ll deliver your report and point you towards the best resources for building an emissions reduction plan tailored to your business.

We use a predefined ‘boundary’ for our Carbon Footprint Estimation service, which covers the major emission sources for the majority of New Zealand’s small and medium-sized organisations. This makes for minimal time and cost outlay for your business, but maximum ROI for your bottom line* and the planet!

Cost: $350+gst

*Emissions follow dollars! Emission reductions often lead to decreased costs for your business.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report

Should you wish to extend your approach, our Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report is for you.

Compiled to the ISO 14064-1 standard, our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Report service will give you a full, independently-calculated carbon footprint. It includes one-on-one workshops, tailored data collection and the development of a high-level Emissions Reduction Roadmap.

We’ll take you on the journey to fully understand the ins and outs of footprinting, so that you can confidently and authentically share your story in-market and with other key stakeholders.

Here’s how the program rolls…

  • Kick-off workshop
    We start with a two-hour workshop with your nominated ‘Climate Champions’. The first half of the workshop is all about the what, why and how of carbon footprinting. As many or few people from your organisation are welcome to attend – anyone who would benefit from understanding the background and the process. Attendees often include delegates from finance, HR and marketing, but at minimum we require the presence of your nominated ‘Lead Climate Champion’ and internal ‘Data Gatherer’ (usually someone from the finance team).
    During the second hour we dive into the detail and determine your footprint boundary, inclusions, assumptions, and how exactly we’re going to gather your data. We’ll need your Lead Climate Champion on hand for this to make an executive call which emissions you’ll include and exclude, and of course your Data Gatherer.
  • Further exploration
    We allocate some time here to conduct further emissions exploration with your broader team, if required.
  • Data gathering
    Conducted by your finance and/or admin team.
  • Calculation and report compilation
    Conducted by Greenhawk. We aim to complete your report two weeks after receiving your data submission.
  • Report review + reduction brainstorm
    We regather your Climate Champions and review your draft report, answering questions and making any required changes. During this meeting we also brainstorm your reduction roadmap. Please allow 1.5 hours for this session.
  • Report delivery
    Greenhawk compiles your reduction roadmap. We aim to deliver your final report and roadmap to you one week after your review meeting.

Cost: $2,450+gst