Decarbonising your business is easier
(& cheaper) than you think.

It’s all about getting started – what we measure, we can manage! We’ll guide you through the jargon, assess where you’re currently at, determine your goals, and show you how to reach them.

Carbon accounting is accessible to every business when it becomes an extension of financial accounting. We take an education-first approach, giving you the tools and knowledge to take future emissions reporting in-house, if you wish.

Carbon Footprint Estimation

Our Carbon Footprint Estimation is an accessible first step in your carbon reduction journey. After all, the hardest part is getting started!

We use a generalised operational control boundary which covers the major emission sources for the majority of New Zealand’s small and medium-sized organisations, meaning a minimal time and cost requirement for your business.

Perfect for businesses looking to make a credible start in measuring and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

Cost: $495 (1 x free with your Tax Plan)

Baseline Greenhouse Gas Assessment & Reduction Roadmap

When you’re ready to extend your approach, our Baseline Greenhouse Gas Assessment & Emissions Reduction Roadmap is for you.

Compiled to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard, our GHG service will give you a full, transparent, independently calculated, audit-ready carbon footprint. It includes tailored workshops and the development of a high-level reduction roadmap.

Perfect for businesses wanting to confidently, completely and authentically share their story with key stakeholders.

Cost: $2,950+gst (plus software license, if required)

Not ready to measure your business emissions just yet?

If you want to grasp the basics of carbon accounting before diving into your first measurement, our Kickstart Workshop is just the ticket.

Join us for a friendly online workshop and get your questions answered. Discover the financial benefits of reducing your business emissions, understand the current global context, decode the jargon, and explore your options for measuring your footprint – from calculators to consultants and everything in between.

Cost: FREE

(Our Kickstart Workshops are completely free and there are no strings attached. We’re simply keen to help as many businesses as possible start their decarbonisation journey.)

Regenerative tourism by 2030

We’re huge advocates of Queenstown Lakes’ commitment to becoming a carbon-zero visitor economy by 2030. If you’re a business based in Queenstown, Wānaka or surrounding areas, please get in touch – we’d love to help you.

Read more about this keystone project in the district’s regenerative tourism plan.