B Corp

Greenhawk is a certified B Corp.

Wahoo — we’re officially a B Corp!

Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. The B stands for ‘benefit for all’.

B Corps are committed to balancing purpose and profit. They form a movement transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.

What makes Greenhawk a B Corp?

Greenhawk became a B Corp in January 2024 with an overall B Impact Score of 86.8. The median score for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment is 50.9. You can check out the breakdown of our score on the B Corp website.

The B Corp Impact Assessment (BIA) covers five impact areas: Governance, Workers, Environment, Customers and Community. Here are four examples of big and little things in each area that make us a B Corp.


  • Our company constitution includes a clause that requires consideration of all stakeholders in our decision-making. This legal requirement ensures that we remain legally accountable to workers, communities, customers, suppliers, and the environment, not just shareholders.
  • We have systems and processes in place that support good governance and internal management, promote ethical decision-making and prevent corruption.
  • We have rigorous financial controls.
  • We publicly share information on our environmental performance.


  • 100% of our full and part-time employees received a monetary bonus in the last fiscal year.
  • We support our team’s health and wellbeing through a private healthcare scheme for all of our full and part-time employees, fully paid by our company.
  • Our team has access to an Employee Assistance Program to support their mental health.
  • We support our team’s professional development and lifelong learning through regular training, upskilling and reimbursement for continuing education.


  • We have a Business for Good program led by staff that includes financial and in-kind donations to community organisations.
  • We host free community training sessions throughout the year to lift our local communities.
  • We take part in civic engagement through discounted and pro-bono services for charitable organisations.
  • We promote and celebrate diversity amongst our workers and suppliers.


  • We regularly monitor and record greenhouse gas emissions and have set – and met – specific reduction targets relative to previous performance.
  • We have programs in place to reduce the environmental impact of tavel and commuting. We have a written policy limiting corporate travel, and encourage and incentivise employees to commute by no or low-emission transport and work from home at least once a week.
  • We purchase carbon credits to offset our remaining emissions.
  • We offer free carbon footprint workshops to our clients to help them begin their emissions reduction journey.


  • We manage the impact and value we create for our clients by monitoring client satisfaction.
  • We increase the operational success of purpose-driven enterprises with our nonprofit accounting services.
  • We have the highest privacy and security for our client’s data.
  • We have formal quality control mechanisms.

What's next?

Just because we reached our goal of B Corp certification, doesn’t mean we stop there. We want to move with the world, adapt to meet new needs, and keep our place in a community of B Corps moving business forward.

Our internal ‘B Corp champions’ will meet twice a year to set targets and measure progress against our goals in each of the five B Corp impact areas.

This year we’re planning more free training for our community, more carbon footprint calculations for our clients and more paid-volunteer projects for our team.


Let's B good, together.

We love working with like-minded folk. To chat through how we could help your business, leave us a message using this form, call us on 0800 422 526, or email us on .