Full Finance Function

Say hello to your offsite finance department.

From CFO to accountants to bookkeepers, Greenhawk is your full-service finance department. Working across the full financial sphere of commercial strategy, tax and accounting, our Full Finance Function transfers the finance load squarely onto our expert shoulders.

As one of our clients puts it, a corporate-level finance function, at a fraction of the cost”.

You can expect:

Improved financial performance – thanks to trusted finance leaders driving your commercials. Cross-industry experts providing insights and advice – your on-call commercial sounding board.

Greater return – our deep expertise, streamlined processes and industry-leading tech stack mean you’ll get significantly more “bang for your buck”, when compared a traditional finance team.

Zero staff management – yet continuous care. Forget about recruitment, staff coverage and performance reviews, we’ve got you covered. You get all the benefits of an in-house team, with zero effort.

A dedicated team – of accountants and bookkeepers who understand the intricacies of your organisation. We’re offsite, but in-house – as much a part of your team as the folks sitting next to you.

The Greenhawk team has been fantastic! We have had a solid relationship for five years now and they are an invaluable part of our external resource. Our bookkeeping, reporting and end of month processes have been totally streamlined. Their financial expertise and ability to see the big picture has helped shape our direction. We regularly use them to bounce off ideas and refine our decisions.

Chris Schultz,


Packages & Pricing


  • Full Finance Function packages start at $2,000 per month.
  • Bookkeeping-only packages start at $600 per month.
  • Tailor your package from our Service Menu below.
  • Modify your package as your business morphs and changes.

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Commercial Strategy

We'll help you answer critical questions about your business, like whether or not you’re making money or if you’re pricing your products correctly. Our virtual CFOs will guide you towards your optimal the pricing and margin strategy.

Pricing & Margin Strategy

Do you know much money you’re making from each of your products or services? Is one poor performer pulling down your overall result? We’ll help you understand your profitability and identify actions for improvement.

Profitability Analysis

Implementing strong financial controls to decrease your chances of financial error and all forms of fraud. Ensure you have the right people committing your company to costs and optimal processes for payment approvals.

Financial Controls

A pre-purchase review on your proposed acquisition. We’ll assess strategic potential, look at past and potential future financial performance, and advise on the best way to set up and run the financial function of your new business.

Acquisition Advice

Looking to launch a new product or enter a new market? Modelling your projected financial performance will ensure your most important business decisions are based on concrete insights.

Financial Modelling

KPIs (key performance indicators) are invaluable tools for managing the performance of your business. We’ll help you create metrics that are quantifiable, measurable and, most importantly, support your business goals.

KPI Setting

Looking to raise capital for your business or organisation? We can help with guidance and advice, as well as developing a set of accounts to share with prospective investors.

Capital Raising

Risk Management


Performance analysis & insights for smart businesses. We make sure the information you’re making decisions on is not only accurate, but structured to clearly show you how your company is performing.

Monthly Reporting

The financial plan for achieving your goals, a robust budget gives you certainty and confidence. Not sure what’s coming down the line? We can work through a variety of different scenarios and see what the numbers say.


Cashflow is king. It’s imperative to understand your current cashflow position, as well as how it’s going to look next month and next quarter. We’ll let you know when you need to take action, so you’re not left high and dry.

Cashflow Forecasting

Debt can be a useful tool to help start and grow your business. But financial events outside of your control can take you further into the red than planned. We’ll assess your current position and help you take action.

Debt Reduction

Cost Control

The right tax planning and structuring advice can make a significant difference to your bottom line. From income tax to PAYE to GST and FBT, we can help. And if your business is looking to head offshore, we can help you navigate overseas tax obligations as well.

Tax Planning

Audit Managemenet

Naturally, we can take care of your annual accounts & tax returns, too. Click through to view our Annual Accounts packages.

Tax Compliance


Let us create your sales invoices and follow up with debtors - we're lightning fast and professional ``bad cops``. You're freed to focus on growing your business and nurturing your client relationships.

Accounts Receivable

Super speedy and secure, we ensure the right amount gets paid to the right person at the right time. Our next-level checks and processes make sure payments go to the right bank account and nothing gets missed.

Accounts Payable

Don't get caught out. Our payroll service ensures you never make a PAYE error or miss a pay date. We have expert knowledge around statutory regulations and contracts, meaning you don't have to.


A whole lot more than clicking the ``OK`` button in Xero, correct coding is a vital for ensuring you get an accurate picture of your business's current financial position. We do it right. We do it fast.

Xero Reconciliation

Cashflow Management

Cost Management


Hello, efficiency! Our resident gurus will set you up with the optimal tech stack and processes for your business, tailoring the coding, reporting and automation to your needs.

Systems Optimisation

Carbon Accounting

The accessible first step in your carbon journey.

Carbon Footprint

Full GHG report compiled to the ISO 14046-1 standard.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

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