Staying sweet on sales

We’ve been talking sales with many of our clients lately. More specifically, analysing and enhancing sales performance. It’s often something that big businesses do well, but smaller businesses struggle to find the time to attend to. Here are three practical, impactful steps you can take to get – or keep – your sales humming, whether you’re a solo operator or a team of 20.

Track key indicators

Tracking key indicators is crucial. Identify the factors that directly influence your sales success and start tracking them. Consider factors such as:

  • your response time to new inquiries (speed is your friend)
  • average order value (aim higher)
  • the balance between recurring revenue and new revenue (avoid cannibalising new business with excessive account management)
  • the sources of your best leads (amplify your efforts here)
  • and, importantly, the reason you’re losing pitches (if in doubt, ask – not enough people do this).

Analyse segments

Dive into your data by analysing segments. Break down your sales data based on product, region, sales channel, sales team, or any other relevant cut of the pie. By doing so, you’re bound to uncover patterns, trends, and areas of strength or weakness within your sales.

For example, if 80% of your sales come from one region, explore why you’re winning there. Once you understand what’s what, consider expanding into markets with similar characteristics.

Refine your process

As a small business owner, it’s likely that you wear many hats, including that of the key salesperson. Map out your sales process to see where you can save valuable time. Which tasks can be automated or delegated? Can someone else calculate project costs, schedule client meetings, or prepare proposals on your behalf?

By reducing admin, you’ll have more time to focus on selling and delivering your services.

The great news is there are many ways you can boost your sales performance, even with the limited resources of a small business. Take your first step today!

ACTION: Choose one of the three steps above.
Book a 30 minute session into your diary next week.
Dedicate this time to tracking/ analysing/ refining your sales process 🕺🏻

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