Haere rā Balanced, kia ora Greenhawk

The name Balanced has served us well since 2013, but it’s time for a change! Time for a name that better reflects who we are and who we serve. Read on for the story behind our name change.

We wanted a name with energy. Something that spoke to the vision and determination of our passionate clients. A name that conveyed the strategic thinking, focus and clarity that our team brings to the table.

Enter, Greenhawk.


Hawks are intelligent and strong with powerful senses of direction, sight and hearing. Purposeful and patient, they’re often found perched up high, keenly observing the broad landscape before swiftly diving into action. Confident in their surroundings, hawks give the feeling that everything is under control. It’s also said they show up when you need strength and encouragement to complete a mission.

This is how we aim to show up for you. With an equal eye for both risk and opportunity, we provide the commercial nous and financial direction you need to realise your business vision. Whatever success means to you, we’ll steer you there.

And the green? That’s a nod to our environmental commitment – doing what we can to help New Zealand businesses go carbon neutral with our free Carbon Footprint program.


So, kia ora from Greenhawk!

We are an accounting and growth partner for ambitious businesses. How can we help you?


PS: Aside from our new name, everything else stays the same. You’ll find the same fine team delivering the same great service with the same good vibes. Hit us up for a chat, anytime.